Welcome to the world of Foking Films

Our purpose is to pave the way for a new line in creative thinking, a stumbling-block for the established order. Our creed is to dismember your senses and turn your souls inside-out, and to do so tactfully and in an aesthetically pleasing manner. So turn the pages, ye who have courage, and remember this:


The FOKING FILMS project is a synergetic merging of many influences that first saw the light of day during the 2004 ROSKILDE FESTIVAL. Here, a group of apparently normal people with staggeringly normal families, friends, jobs, and interests, set aside the shackles of mundane society that held their hideous proclivities in check, and combined their strength to bring to life a series of movies that should shake the foundations of the world of arts. Built on the dogmas that the movies themselves could not be pre-planned or strategically engineered in any way, every member of the production team had to let his or her creativity run free, unrestrained by the barriers of conformity, sanity and morality.

Mindbreaking creativity

The identity-numbing surroundings of Roskilde Festival, as well as an excessive intake of alcohol, helped achieve this goal. Thus the script, storyboard, directing, filming and editing was created on the spot, by people who spontaneously took in the surroundings, separated the true creative ideas from the endless piles of inane babble, and formed it – with additions from the more twisted recesses of their minds – into the present movie production series before you.