The People Behind Foking Films

During the last decade of epic productions from FOKING FILMS, more than 30 hard-working script writers, storyboard constructors, directors, producers, “prima donnas”, actors, professional fluffers, stunt doubles, psychiatric security personnel, special effects people, editors, psychoanalysts and monkeys have contributed to the making of these movies, usually under horrifying working conditions.

The master minds

Despite limb-numbing hailstorms, scorching sun, alcohol-induced vomiting, dyslexia, ecological food, a complete lack of tea-breaks, and the sounds of Poul Krebs-music coming from surrounding hippie camps, these bad-ass people represents the core of FOKING FILMS. Led by masterminds Bruntt, Danihjel, Jørgensen, and Petersen, the set at Roskilde Festival is constantly seething with the sick smell of intellectual corruption, a cloying musk that ensures that the entertainment brought to you by FOKING FILMS, is made with your ultimate education in mind.